Ohh look, another trans* blog. I'm Lucy, eighteen and transgender and pretty proud to be honest. Anyone can message me for help or advice (even though I'm pretty shit) but if you use male pronouns or ask me about my body, I will completely ignore you. Good day. Any questions about being transgender or anything related, just ask away!


Anonymous asked
Oh my god you are literally so beautiful. Not going to lie, as a mtf your posts and pictures give me so much hope. I'm pretty unhappy about having quite a masculine body and being quite tall and sometimes it feels kinda hopeless. But you're great. And you seem so lovely. Congrats on being great. kthanks. <3

Thank you so much! I try to be nice :)

I wish you the best on your transition <3

Sorry I&#8217;ve not been very active recently but hi everyone :)

Sorry I’ve not been very active recently but hi everyone :)

gjksss asked
Do you have any nude pics of your transition?

Do I have them: yes
Can you see them: no

obsessedpanda asked
Hi there Gorgeous I was wondering how much you would charge for a picture one of you fully naked with that glass dildo in your ass and second how much would a quick video of your stripping naked :)?

One virgin sacrifice.




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The UK TV channel E4 are looking for a TRANS ACTRESS for a roll. Like a real trans person!

Just sharing this in case any of my followers would be interested in applying.

Please signal boost, this could be a fantastic opportunity for someone.

Reblogging again with a link because the link above doesn’t seem to work. They’re looking for a trans woman between around 20-40 (non-actors with the confidence to audition welcome, as well as those with acting experience), and it’s one episode of a new 8 part series by Russell T Davies, to be filmed between 9th June and 8th July in Manchester, England.

FYI: this has been cast and the awesome trans comedian and actress Bethany Black has the part!



Anonymous asked
HALITOSIS, The problem with bad breath is that you’re normally the last to know! Smoking causes an ‘ashtray’ type smell from a person’s mouth. Also, gum disease causes the gum tissue to decay and leads to a rank smell. FACE AND ARM HAIR Smoking lowers a woman’s female hormone levels. This causes an increase in her male hormone levels which means she’s much more likely to grow thicker hairs on her arms and face. Best get the razor out LOL.

Seriously why do you even care? Live and let live yo

Anonymous asked
Ammonia Found in URINE and cleaning products, this chemical makes your brain more receptive to nicotine, thus making cigarettes more addictive Castoreum Found in the secretions of a beaver's castor glands LOCATED NEAR THE BEAVERS ANUS , this substance when processed gives cigarettes a sweet odour and smoky flavor. In 1991, Phillip Morris used 8 pounds of the pungent stuff to make 400 billion cigarettes Urea Nitrogen containing substance found in URINE , STILL LIKE SMOKING ??

Decide 8lb by 400 billion and look at how smaller number you get…

Anonymous asked
As far as affecting the chances of success with any GRS surgery - the general statistic on post operative infection rates on smokers is about 7-8 times greater than normal. The main reason is that smoking decreases the oxygenation levels in the blood stream. Less oxygenated blood, less healing, higher rate of graft failure, higher rates of infection. THE DOCTORS COULD REFUSE THE PROCEDURE AND EVEN REMOVE THE ENTITLEMENT TO HRT

Yeah. I’ll stop when I get closer to srs :)

Anonymous asked
I realized that much of my dysphoria is related to the skin of this body and smoking definitely is not going to fix the skin, just making it worse.

Hmm. My skin is pretty clear. I think that’s because I drink exclusively water and tea. And lots of it :)

Anonymous asked
You are so lovely.

Why thank you! :)

high-queen-margaery asked
tip to complimenting women, maybe something not their physical appearance? Of course you might actually need to be interested in anything other than fucking us to notice those things.
kyleconner1234 asked
yea to the anon , a tip start complimenting woman on there eyes, hair, clothing style and things like that :) and you get more way more respect.